Lobby Day 2000 - February 24, 2000

Program:  Bullying and its Impact on Society

Direct Results - Beginning March 1, 2000

(Will be updated as community programming is reported to bjohnson@mwis.net)

 Who attended the Lobby Day Program?    50 women from 16 Kansas Counties, and 23 towns and cities including 2 from Kansas City, Missouri.

One participant said her local unit had paid her expenses so she could attend and learn, then return to help them put on local programming.

In Hays, a participant is already working with a school counselor on a 21st Century Learning Center. The member is going to write a letter supporting a grant request for funding and will offer her clulb's assistance with non-violent education for children and adults.

The Connecticut Commission on Children learned about the program through one of our panelists. They are trying to get an anti-bullying bill passed in their state, and have requested copies of our information.

Our information is going to be posted on the Kansas Bullying Prevention Website under "Ongoing Research." That website is: www.kbpp.org  We will also link to their program.