Hotlines for Domestic Violence

Kansas City Metro Joyce Williams: 816/Hotline (468-5463)

Safe Home:  Crisis Line- 913/262-2868
     Safe Home provides support for survivors of domestic violence with a 24 hour crisis hotline, emergency shelter, individual       counseling, support groups, court advocacy, children's outreach counsling, information & referrals, and community            

Family Violence Prevention (Donations, Materials, What to do): 1-800/End Abuse (363-2287)

Kansas Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: 1-888/End Abuse): (363-2287)

National Domestic Violence: 1-800/799-SAFE (7233) (Men and Women)

National Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence: 206/634-1903

Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence: 785/232-9785

Kansas City Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA): 816/531-0233

To report child abuse from outside of Kansas

Child Abuse and Neglect: 1-800/392-3738

Child Abuse Hotline

In Kansas: 1-800/922-5330

Out of Kansas: 1-785/296-0044

Elder Abuse

Missouri 1-800/392-0210

Kansas 1-800/842-0078