Boys Put at Peril(1)

Researchers recently discussed violent boys at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association [responding partly to concern over public concern over recent mass killings at schools]. They said raising boys in traditional ways makes it hard for boys to handle adversity and lays the foundation for depression and violence ranging from bullying to murder.

Some experts believe we are raising males teenagers to be strong, silent carriers of a smoldering climate of despair which explodes in violence.

Incidence of violent crimes such as "Columbine:"

Increase is statistically small:

Researchers state that boys are still raised under a code of toughness which encourages action but discourages expression of feeling or touch, according to Dan Kindlon, Harvard School of Public Health psychologist.

"Cross-cultural studies demonstrated a clear link between violent societies and those that treat children with little physical warmth,"said Tiffany Field, University of Miami researcher.

"For some boys who are not allowed tears, they will cry with their fists or they will cry with bullets." William Pollace, Harvard Medical School psychologist.

Their Advice for Raising Boys:

Their Advice for Educators:

1. The Associated Press, "The Way Society Treats Boys Breeds Violence...", reported in the Kansas City Star, 1999, p.A8