Tough Choices

In life there are not so much circumstances of good or evil, right or wrong, black or white. Much of life is lived in the gray area. Sometimes life offers us two 'good/right' choices or two 'bad/detrimental' choices. Life is a series of choices and consequences.

Once we make our choice, the consequences down life's path are unknown. We have charted new territory. What matters is the seriousness we give to consideration of our choices, and then the way we choose, multiple times along the way, to live out the consequences of the initial choices. Sometimes that consideration involves the impact of our choice on others. We may consider the extent to which we might be able to alleviate the negative consequences of one optional choice. Ultimately the original choice may be lost along the way, being supplanted by the new choices upon which we build the character of our lives. No one of us makes the "right" choices all the time. We simply choose ~ the best we can ~ at that time ~ in those circumstances. And we move on—in faith that God understands our joys and our sorrows—and loves us, and when necessary, forgives. Read more about 'Tough Choices'.